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Dr. Eric George

Eric R. George, MD, is a renowned hand surgeon, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Omega Hospital, New Orleans’s first physician-owned hospital; the Hand Center of Louisiana, where he actively practices; and ERG Enterprises, a $500 million investment firm committed to changing communities worldwide. 

In addition to practicing medicine full-time, he owns and operates businesses in numerous industries such as hospitality, real estate, oil and gas, education, entertainment, and consumer goods.

Dr. George credits his success and balance on the talented and caring individuals around him, who share his passion for meeting and helping others, as well as his loving wife, Kim, and two daughters, Chloe and Cassidy. 


Charles Fred

Charles Fred is a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur. He has devoted nearly four decades of his life to discovering new ways for professionals to acquire the skills necessary to compete in industries undergoing major transformation. Considered a pioneer in the e-learning industry, he has founded and led several successful companies that provide learning technologies and services. His bestselling book, Breakaway, is credited with introducing a new framework for organizational learning.


Glen E. Tullman

Glen E. Tullman is the chairman and CEO of Livongo Health, a digital health solutions company empowering patients in healthcare, especially those with chronic conditions to live healthier, and the co-founder and managing partner of 7wire Ventures, an early-stage investment firm specializing in healthcare innovation. Tullman graduated from Bucknell University and also studied social anthropology during a prestigious fellowship at Oxford.

Prior to starting Livongo, Tullman was the CEO of Allscripts, the leading global provider of electronic health records, practice management and prescribing systems. A serial entrepreneur and active philanthropist, Tullman is passionate about using technology and innovation to better understand our world. He currently serves on the International Board of Chancellors for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Dr. Shawn K. Smith is an author, speaker, consultant, and national leader on issues surrounding digital education. He is a Founding Partner and President of Modern Teacher, an education technology company that helps school districts transition from traditional classrooms to modern learning environments.

Prior to founding Modern Teacher, Smith served as a teacher, principal, and Chief of Schools. His bestselling book, Teacher as Architect, provides teachers a roadmap for blended learning, curriculum development, and facilitating the modern learning environment in the twenty-first-century.

Dr. Smith's first book in a three part series, The New Agenda: Achieving Personalized Learning Through Digital Convergence, explores the fundamental changes occurring in K-12 school districts as they integrate technology into the classroom. His follow-up book, The Shape of Change: The Continued Journey of the Digital Convergence Framework, advances this work and explores solutions for scaling the modern learning environment. The final book in the series, Wisdom and Influence, explores the most advanced challenge and solution for educational leaders trying to institutionalize the modern learning environment, completing the collective body of work that is Digital Convergence. Smith holds a Ph.D. in Urban Education Policy and Leadership from the University of Southern California.


Heather A. Haugen, Ph.D.

Dr. Heather A. Haugen is the Chief Science Officer at Atos’ Digital Health Solutions Division. She is the author of Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for Lasting EMR Adoption, and Beyond Coding: How ICD-10 Will Transform Clinical Documentation. The research published in Beyond Implementation led to her selection as a 2010 Finalist for Champions in Healthcare.

Haugen holds a doctorate in health information technology and has 20 years of research experience in both the academic and private sectors. She actively speaks at regional and national conferences and regularly publishes in academic and industry publications, especially on healthcare technology adoption. Haugen also holds a faculty position at the University of Colorado Denver- Anschutz Medical Center as the Track Director of Health IT, where she teaches and mentors doctoral students.


Each of our entrepreneurs has developed a strong, research-based point of view borne from extensive experience in the field. The point of view–which is expressed through books and whitepapers–elevates thinking beyond products and services to the why and how behind some of today’s most innovative solutions and companies.

Businesses to Watch


Like New Orleans, the company has experienced tremendous growth over the past ten years and its interests span multiple continents and more than a dozen markets. ERG has currently amassed a portfolio with fully diversified assets including the medical, hospitality, multifamily/mixed-use, entertainment, energy, aviation, and development industries.


Livongo has a vision of empowering all people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. We are redesigning chronic condition management, starting with diabetes, by driving behavior change through the combination of consumer health technology, personalized recommendations, and real-time support at the point of impact. Powered by advanced analytics, we create personalized experiences for our members so they receive the right information, tools, and support, at the right time. Our approach is leading to better financial and clinical outcomes while creating a better experience for all people with chronic conditions and their care team of family, friends, and medical professionals.


Modern Teacher partners with districts and other organizations to support the transition from traditional classrooms to modern learning environments. Modern Teacher is an educational technology company designed to provide a research-based methodology for Digital Convergence in education, and it has created a technology-enabled personalized learning platform to support districts in leveraging today’s tools across K-12 classrooms. Modern Teacher has assembled a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to supporting teachers in today’s highly connected, digital world.


We help our entrepreneurs gain third-party validation for their points of view, which leads to greater recognition in their fields. This includes keynote speeches, industry reports, and advisory council development and management.

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Thought leadership is not a one-time event – it requires continual refinement. We help our entrepreneurs continue to innovate, push the status quo, and advance their thought leadership as new challenges within their industries emerge.

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In We: Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World, Dr. Eric George gives a new defintion of "we". No longer does it refer to friends, family, and those who share our point of view, but to our connections with the people we have yet to meet.


On Our Terms calls for creating a system designed to put consumers in charge of their health, on their terms. Today's healthcare strategies overlook what people truly need - better tools and information to manage their health independently.

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Wisdom and Influence explores the enduring quest toward twenty-first-century education, calling on leaders to navigate the often-murky waters of power and influence in the Digital Convergence Framework, while offering readers guidance on how to accomplish this feat.


The 24 Hour Rule explains why you should make the decision to pause, which can have a profound effect on your life and how you lead.


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