A Review of Dr. Eric George’s New Book, We: Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World


Eric R. George is not your typical physician. In addition to practicing full-time as a hand surgeon, he also serves as the CEO of Omega Hospital and the Hand Center of Louisiana, as well as the founder and CEO of ERG Enterprises, a $1 billion venture-capital firm charged with improving communities around the globe. His investments span industries that include health care, retail, hospitality, real estate, and aviation. And still, he finds time to devote himself as a caring husband and father. To many, George’s life resembles that of a Hollywood protagonist. And while few people could replicate his success, his new book, We: Ditch the Me Mindset offers a glimpse at what helped fuel his success, a philosophy that everyone can adopt and apply to improve their life personally and professionally. 

Magnusson-Skor Publishing named George among its 2019 Entrepreneurs of the Year award for his significant accomplishments in medicine and business.

About the Book

We: Ditch the Me Mindset explores the philosophy of connectedness, which George also refers to as a mindset of “we.” It comes from his observations over his 26-year career practicing medicine and decades of experience in entrepreneurship and investment. So, what does connectedness mean, and equally important, what does it entail? Connectedness refers to approaching life and business with the recognition that success ultimately resides in other people, and unlocking it requires empowering those individuals to apply their talents and interests to benefit the collective. George explains connectedness leads to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life—what he calls a life of abundance. Abundance does not simply mean making more money but allowing us to feel fulfilled and to achieve success regardless of how we define it. 


Why it Matters

George’s book is timely, and its implications are universal. Research continues to show the rise of narcissism, especially in the workplace, continuing a decades-old trend that sees individualism supersede collaboration and teamwork. Couple this with the impact of technology and social media to diminish the frequency and perceived importance of physical interaction, we see a critical need for George’s message. 


What it Contains

Rather than prescribe a step-by-step formula for connectedness, George takes a different approach. We presents the six fundamental outcomes of embracing this mindset, given George’s recognition that everyone’s path differs depending on a variety of factors, including his or her unique circumstances, relationships, and profession, to name a few. By presenting the outcomes, George demonstrates the value of this philosophy, which serves as the most effective argument for its application. The six outcomes include purpose, partnerships, perseverance, support, perspective, and trust. As George writes in his book, each outcome plays an essential role in creating a life of abundance, and many of these outcomes reinforce one another. For instance, purpose leads to partnerships, which strengthens our perseverance, which adds to our perspective, which fuels our ability to gain support, which increases our chances of attaining and retaining trust. 


We as Part Memoir

Importantly, We serves as part memoir and incorporates stories from George’s life to provide support for the concept of connectedness and its six outcomes. These entertaining anecdotes add flavor and in themselves make for a worthy read. For instance, we learn of how George established Omega Hospital as the first physician-owned hospital in New Orleans and how he struggled to retain its ownership. We also explore his experiences renovating the Orpheum Theater, a vaudeville theater built in 1918 and among the most historic landmarks in New Orleans. We also learn about George’s journey revitalizing the Pythian Temple, a ten-story building built in 1908 that provided affordable housing and commerce to the African American community. A former slave owner commissioned its construction, and for a time it stood as the tallest building in the world owned by an African American. And we discover other anecdotes equally compelling. For instance, George’s oil and gas explorations, his mentoring of an aspiring entrepreneur, his challenges overcoming his dyslexia in medical school. All not only make for a compelling read but provide substantive support for connectedness. 


In Summary

We provides a refreshing respite from the current discord and negativity that we see in the media and everyday life. It speaks to readers of all ages seeking to learn what remains possible by investing our time, energy, and focus into the people around us. 

In the upcoming blog posts, we examine each of the six outcomes George presents in We.  

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