What We Do

Magnusson-Skor helps business leaders become thought leaders. We are the exclusive partner of entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses through the development, publication, and promotion of their point of view. We focus on entrepreneurs attempting to improve the human condition.

The Problem and Our Solution

Today’s overcrowded marketplaces make it difficult to discover entrepreneurs worthy of attention. The deluge of superficial messaging—taglines, slogans, and other marketing—inhibit entrepreneurs from connecting with audiences who are truly in need of their ideas. Magnusson-Skor is dedicated to restoring this connection by discovering and promoting the transformative points of view capable of improving our world. We strive to give today’s most innovative leaders a stage to stand out and gain recognition for truly valuable and thought-provoking perspectives.

Our Network of Partners

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Todd Stansfield, General Manager, on the mission of Magnusson-Skor


Our mission at Magnusson-Skor is simple, yet profound. Each day we strive to help business leaders become recognized as thought leaders by the audiences who value their points of view. It represents an important aim and transition for the entrepreneur. It requires a new focus, one that transcends simply leading a business to leading a movement of people and organizations collectively challenging the status quo. We apply our time, talent, and capacity to helping entrepreneurs navigate this important transformation. For obvious reasons, we remain selective about our partners. All of them share a similar guiding force, one that compels them to improve the human condition through innovation and desire to reach audiences and share their learnings.