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Why Adopting Healthcare Technology is Imperative


Electronic health record (EHR) adoption is not only still necessary, but more important than ever. This remains the focus of Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology. In its second edition, the book, written by Dr. Heather Haugen and Charles Fred, continues to add significant value for healthcare providers and organizations.

Nearly a decade ago, healthcare providers universally embraced the challenge of making the transition from paper to electronic health records. In most cases, the transition proved difficult, tumultuous, and complex for all involved, particularly for those delivering care. For the first time in decades, healthcare providers and clinicians faced the challenge of transforming everything from workflow to mental models and longstanding beliefs. It required a fundamental overhaul that healthcare providers still remember clearly to this day.

This underscores the need for EHR adoption. Only a few years have passed since most organizations made the leap from paper to electronic. And now, with more comprehensive, sophisticated systems emerging, organizations are looking to replace the same systems users invested considerable effort, time, and emotion to adopt. It’s no surprise that today, organizations are facing greater resistance from end users than during the paper-to-electronic days. They’re also experiencing significant difficulty adopting the new systems because they discount the amount of time, attention, and resources needed to effectively adopt and sustain new EHR systems. Many seem overconfident in their ability to adopt the new systems, only to experience significant problems. In many cases, making the switch from one EHR application to another necessitates a year or more of planning and preparation, a topic explored in Beyond Implementation.

Tomorrow will call for more organizations to swap their current EHR systems for new enterprise applications. The case for adoption is more important than ever before, and so is the methodology presented in Beyond Implementation.

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The Greater Need for EHR Adoption

Technology is always changing, so once an organization makes the transition from paper records to digital, systems will continue to evolve. EHR adoption forces healthcare to match technology’s accelerated rate of change or be left behind.


Heather Haugen to Present on EHR Adoption at Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

Dr. Heather Haugen will be a presenter at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. She will present research during a forum on EHR adoption.


Dr. Heather Haugen on Second Edition of Beyond Implementation

In her best-selling book, Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology Dr. Heather Haugen explores the proven methodology for optimizing technology for improved clinical and financial outcomes. MSKOR met with Dr. Haugen to discuss the book and her latest research.


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