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A Prescription for The Adoption of Healthcare Technology

Healthcare providers widely accept the need for electronic health records (EHRs), which demonstrate significant benefits to clinicians and consumers, including improved patient care and participation, cost savings, and overall practice efficiency. Despite the promise of EHRs, healthcare providers continue to face challenges optimizing their use. Resistance to change, low end-user proficiency, and poor training are among the many common problems organizations experience, especially as they seek to replace existing technology with more robust, integrated enterprise applications. So, how do healthcare providers overcome these challenges?

In the second edition of Beyond Implementation, Dr. Heather Haugen and Charles Fred investigate the barriers that keep providers from making EHRs part of their routines, and why organizations continue to struggle with successful technology adoption. Through case studies and research, the authors explore real-world results from large healthcare organizations, and reveal a new approach for successful EHR adoption that has lasting value.

Dr. Heather A. Haugen


Dr. Heather A. Haugen has deep expertise in health information technology and a passion for leading and developing people. Currently, she is the Chief Science Officer for Atos in their Digital Health Solutions division. Prior to her current role, she was the CEO and Managing Director of The Breakaway Group, A Xerox Company. She has served in research, development and information systems leadership roles. Her past roles have led to a unique mix of experience, including conducting rigorous research, leading development efforts based on research outcomes, and leading and developing top-performing teams.

The adoption of health information systems is a well-documented challenge. Despite its prevalence in our industry, there is an absence of viable solutions. Thankfully, this book provides an effective prescription, one that eliminates the headache and uncertainty of adoption and provides a roadmap to engage in this critical work. Based on real-life examples and research, this is a must-read for every healthcare leader striving to optimize their systems for improved outcomes.

--Gene Thomas, CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

This point of view in action


The Greater Need for EHR Adoption

Technology is always changing, so once an organization makes the transition from paper records to digital, systems will continue to evolve. EHR adoption forces healthcare to match technology’s accelerated rate of change or be left behind.


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