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Across the country, a fundamental movement continues to take shape as school districts embark on the journey toward the personalized, modern learning environment. New champions begin to emerge and promote the transition. Instructional models evolve to accommodate unique profiles for individual learners. Curriculum changes to offer authentic learning experiences. Digital resources become integrated and connected. Professional learning programs prepare school-based leaders, instructional coaches, and teacher cohorts to lead and support the shift toward the modern classroom. The conditions are set for the modern learning environment to scale. And the next phase begins.


In The Shape of Change, Dr. Shawn K. Smith identifies the common experiences districts face as they enter Stage 4 and 5 of the Digital Convergence Framework. While districts take a unique path in the Framework, Dr. Smith identifies the common patterns that drive and detract from progress. Using these common patterns, district leaders can diagnose the barriers preventing progress, while gaining immediate action items to move forward.

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