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Dr. Heather Haugen on Second Edition of Beyond Implementation

In her best-selling book, Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology, Dr. Heather Haugen explores the proven methodology for optimizing technology for improved clinical and financial outcomes. MSKOR met with Dr. Haugen to discuss the book and her latest research.

Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology is the second edition. Why two editions? And what does this second one contain?

So much had changed since the writing of our first book that we needed to update it. Some changes were cosmetic, such as evolutions in terminology, but others were far more substantial, such as the kinds of challenges healthcare providers faced, and the technology involved. When we wrote our first edition, most healthcare providers were still using paper medical records and thinking about making the switch to electronic. The transition, though challenging and painful for all involved, required a different focus and conversation than the problems we see today. Now, the majority of healthcare providers are not only using electronic systems, but considering replacement systems or changes in their technology strategy in search of greater functionality and integration. We also see new innovations emerging in analytics, population health, and other arenas. All these developments called for updating the book.

As I understand it though, the basic methodology in the book hasn’t changed. Is that correct?

Absolutely, the fundamental drivers of adoption remain the same. Our research uncovered the need for engaged leadership, targeted education, performance metrics, and sustainment increase when adopting new technology in a digital environment. For instance, organizations face greater resistance from end users when replacing technology with new systems. Why? Because people are deeply invested in the technology they use, down to mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts. Many of these users fought hard to adopt these systems, so when organizations decide to replace them, users are spending a lot of time learning new systems when they want to focus on patient care. Because organizations are replacing their existing systems at a high frequency, users are getting burned out and showing greater resistance than the switch from paper-to-electronic. This all increases the importance of the four drivers of adoption.

Interesting. There’s talk that you’re thinking about writing another book. Can you provide any details?

So much continues to evolve in healthcare. In many ways, this has helped us discover that our methodology applies not only to just technology involved in clinical delivery, but other important arenas as well. We are in the middle of validating its benefits through research and empirical case studies.


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