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By embracing a mindset of connectedness in our approach to life and business, we experience a life of abundance—whatever makes us feel complete, fulfilled, and successful, according to how each of us defines success.

Embracing a mindset of connectedness leads to a life of abundance. Abundance, in this sense, does not simply mean making money; it can’t be restricted to financial terms. It means whatever makes us feel complete, fulfilled, and successful, according to how each of us defines success.

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Eric R. George, MD, is a renowned hand surgeon, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Omega Hospital, New Orleans’s first physician-owned hospital; the Hand Center of Louisiana, where he actively practices; and ERG Enterprises, a $500 million investment firm committed to changing communities worldwide.

In addition to practicing medicine full-time, he owns and operates businesses in numerous industries such as hospitality, real estate, oil and gas, education, entertainment, and consumer goods. As a philanthropist, he established the Colonel Aaron C-Dot George Scholarship at Marshall University, an annual fund named after his brother who died as a fighter pilot in a training accident. He also serves on numerous civic, charitable, and educational boards, and contributes to many causes including the New York University Law School, the St. Martin’s Episcopal School George Cottage in New Orleans, and a school for orphans in Mombasa, Kenya.

Dr. George credits his success and balance on the talented and caring individuals around him, who share his passion for meeting and helping others, as well as his loving wife, Kim, and two daughters, Chloe and Cassidy.


Like New Orleans, the company has experienced tremendous growth over the past ten years and its interests span multiple continents and more than a dozen markets. ERG has currently amassed a portfolio with fully diversified assets including the medical, hospitality, multifamily/mixed-use, entertainment, energy, aviation, and development industries.

No single path exists to embracing a mindset of connectedness. . . We all must discover our own paths, because each is unique and depends on our personality, our profession, and the many circumstances that influence our interactions.



Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World

A new definition of “we” is emerging. No longer does it refer to friends, family, and those who share our point of view, but to our connections with the people we have yet to meet. While “we” in the traditional sense creates more division than unity, Eric R. George is proving the limitless potential of the new “we” to create a fulfilling life.

How would our lives change by treating others as extensions of ourselves? By shifting our attention outward versus inward? By seeing every interaction as a chance to do and be more? These questions speak to the core of George’s book, We: Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World.

George shares the lessons and experiences that has led to his remarkable journey. From his work as a hand surgeon treating patients from every background imaginable to his career as an entrepreneur, his impact as a philanthropist to his commitment as a devoted husband and father, We provides a poignant commentary on the power of human connection. Filled with entertaining and profound stories from his life, We speaks to all readers regardless of age, interest, or background and provides lessons everyone can apply to discover a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.


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