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To help people with chronic conditions become healthier and happier, we must empower them with tools and information to manage their health independently.

Technology now affords the ability to manage chronic conditions effectively in everyday life, but creating the conditions for true behavior change depends on three fundamental factors: empowering health consumers with information, building a caring community of people, and providing real-time, context-aware care.

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Glen Tullman is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Livongo Health. Livongo is empowering patients in healthcare, especially those with chronic conditions, beginning with diabetes, to live better lives, using a combination of innovative technology paired with personalized and context sensitive information delivered when and where it is most impactful at improving health. Today, Livongo is the leading consumer digital health company focusing on chronic conditions.

A visionary leader and entrepreneur, Tullman previously ran two public companies that changed the way healthcare is delivered. Most recently, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX), the leading provider of Electronic Health Records, Practice Management and Electronic Prescribing systems, where he grew revenues from $30 million in 1997 to more than $1.4 billion in 2012, and led the company’s IPO and secondary offerings. Prior to Allscripts, Tullman was CEO of Enterprise Systems, a leading healthcare-information services company providing resource-management solutions to large, integrated healthcare networks that he also took public before it was sold to McKesson HBOC (NYSE: MCK).

Tullman is also a successful entrepreneur, and Co-Founder and Partner in 7wireVentures, a Chicago-based investment firm focused on healthcare and education. Through 7wire, he has co-founded a number of ventures including one of the country’s leading solar energy companies, SoCore Energy, sold to Edison Ventures, and a digital education company, and holds investments in several ventures focused on mobile and cloud-based health solutions.

As a recognized leader in healthcare and entrepreneurship, Glen is a regular contributor to Forbes, and sought after as a speaker and industry expert on innovation and change. A strong proponent of philanthropy, he serves as a Chancellor to the International Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


Livongo is a smart blood glucose monitor, supported by a personalized coaching service. Members of Livongo’s connected care community receive support from certified diabetes educators, who can offer tips, nutrition advice and advice on chronic condition management based on the unique readings received from each monitor. When a very high or very low glucose rating is detected, a human “coach” intervenes, contacting the user and members of his or her support team, which is comprised of family, friends, and medical professionals.

Livongo’s multifaceted approach leads to better financial and clinical outcomes, while simultaneously creating a better life experience for people managing diabetes. Powered by advanced analytics, Livongo creates personalized experiences for members so they receive the right information, tools, and support, at the right time, and experience the sense of empowerment that comes with knowledge and actionable tips regarding their disease.

New technology will now allow individuals affected by chronic conditions to treat their condition not as a random collection of episodes, but rather as a pattern of daily activities and behaviors.

On Our Terms


Empowering the New Health Consumer

Healthcare is taking on a new definition. It no longer means physicians or hospitals, but whatever people need to stay healthy in this moment. This includes better information, support, connection to a caring community, and preventing expensive healthcare services. Healthcare continues to evolve under the needs and demands of an emerging and powerful player in the equation: the New Health Consumer. The New Health Consumer behaves far differently from a traditional “patient.” Borne of out a new financial responsibility for healthcare created by government regulations, they no longer tolerate a passive role or poor experience, and seek value and self-service for their dollars. They demand more and better information, transparency, higher quality experience, and affordability. They demand disruptive innovation in healthcare.

This book was recently featured on Read their take here. 

Chronic conditions represent one of the greatest challenges facing our world today, a crisis our healthcare system fundamentally cannot solve. To address worsening clinical and financial outcomes, and declining satisfaction, we must embrace an entirely new approach toward this epidemic. On Our Terms: Empowering the New Health Consumer calls for creating a system designed to put consumers in charge of their health, on their terms. Today’s healthcare strategies overlook what people truly need–better tools and information to manage their health independently–and instead focus on further “engagement” in a broken system where they lack access to care and control over their condition. A better, more forward-thinking, and ultimately cost-saving solution is to empower health consumers with tools, information, and a community to manage their condition. Organizations, both inside and outside the existing system of care, should embrace innovation as not only critical, but necessary in a model increasingly focused on value and performance.

Download an excerpt of this book here.


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