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New Future of Healthcare: Glen Tullman on Managing Glucose Levels


The future of healthcare will focus more on helping people with chronic conditions such as type 1 or type 2 diabetes. For them, managing glucose levels is a necessary but sometimes challenging endeavor, especially when people lack access to good tools, information, and support. To manage blood glucose levels effectively requires a system of care and support that looks very different from traditional health care, an important concept explored in Glen Tullman’s new book, On Our Terms: Empowering the New Health Consumer. If glucose levels become too high or too low, they present significant health risks and complications, and often prevent people from caring for themselves at times of greatest need.

In On Our Terms, Tullman shares a new model for the future of healthcare - better health and healthcare that solves many of the problems created by traditional healthcare. Chief among them is designing a system focused on predicting and preventing medical issues before they happen, and prescribing effective solutions that provide personalized care at the population level. This new model leverages the power of data science and technology to provide health consumers with the care they need, when they need it, which happens to be the time when they want it the most. Fundamental to this new system are three basic conditions. People need:

1. Information about their health (including glucose levels) that is presented in real time, personalized, actionable, simple, and relevant to their current context.

2. Access to a caring community of people who can share beneficial information, provide comfort and support socially, and make living with a chronic condition less isolating.

3. Access to real-time care delivered remotely from health coaches specializing in treating chronic conditions. These individuals know how to provide the support people with chronic conditions need, including treating them as people and consumers versus traditional patients.

To make this new model of health and health care possible, Tullman recognizes that innovation must be adopted as an imperative among those organizations inside and outside of the health care sector. The future of healthcare and better health in general depends on it. Download an excerpt of Tullman's book here.

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