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The Changing Landscape of Healthcare

Thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners in health care attended San Francisco this month for Signum 2019, an inaugural conference focused on solving the nation’s chronic condition epidemic.

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Technology is always changing, so once an organization makes the transition from paper records to digital, systems will continue to evolve. EHR adoption forces healthcare to match technology’s accelerated rate of change or be left behind.


People crave personal connection. This is especially true when dealing with a chronic condition. Today, technology is making it possible to not only join communities of likeminded individuals, but empower consumers to develop their own communities.


Patient engagement is one of the biggest buzzwords in healthcare. Most healthcare providers and health insurers see it as the solution to rising healthcare costs, declining patient health, and decreased patient satisfaction.


In her best-selling book, Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology Dr. Heather Haugen explores the proven methodology for optimizing technology for improved clinical and financial outcomes. MSKOR met with Dr. Haugen to discuss the book and her latest research.


Any complex change or comprehensive effort requires a systematic approach, not an episodic one. In healthcare, this remains especially true as organizations increasingly look to optimize new technology and transform delivery of services.


Crowdsourcing entails leveraging the participation of large audiences to acquire new ideas or services. Individuals can use crowdsourcing platforms on the internet and social media to receive feedback for personal and professional projects.


Many educators see personalized learning as the future of K-12 education. Personalized learning is the process of tailoring instruction to the individual needs of students, and ensuring their experience in the classroom reflects their unique learning styles, habits, and preferences.


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