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Instructional Design and Delivery for the Modern Teacher

In the newest edition of Teacher as Architect, the authors expand the blueprint for blended learning and curriculum development proposed in the first edition. A timely contribution to American education, Teacher as Architect explores the most pressing needs in today's classrooms, and offers educators the tools and skills they need to succeed in the current digital learning environment.

Dr. Shawn K. Smith is a founding partner and President of Modern Teacher. A former teacher, principal, and director of curriculum, Smith served as Chief of Schools for the Chicago Public Schools. He now consults with school districts across the nation.


Dr. Shawn K. Smith


Dr. Shawn K. Smith is a national leader on issues surrounding digital education and pedagogy and is currently serving as President of Modern Teacher. He is compelled to preserve education’s rich heritage and support America’s teachers and leaders as they transition traditional classrooms into modern learning environments.

"Teacher as Architect is a game changer for anyone thinking about blended learning. Educators will find this book to be an absolute must for their library. Rarely does a book come along that blends research and explicit strategies to impact teaching and learning. Smith, Chavez, and Seaman provide a practical and realistic blueprint to improve practice and move from understanding to action."

--Ryan Imbriale, Exec. Director of Baltimore County Public Schools

This point of view in action


The Shape of Change: New Release from Education Futurist Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Last week marked the new release of Dr. Shawn K. Smith’s latest book, The Shape of Change: The Continued Journey of the Digital Convergence Framework, the second in a three-part series exploring the intersection between educational technology, personalized learning, and blended learning.

Read about digital convergence and personalized learning in our schools


In The Shape of Change, Dr. Smith identifies the common journeys school districts take as they personalize learning in K-12 education. Using these common patterns, district leaders can overcome challenges and better understand effective solutions.


In The New Agenda, Dr. Shawn K. Smith–a former Chief of Schools and educator who now consults school systems across the country¬–discusses the work of Digital Convergence, a fundamental movement to transform teaching, classrooms and K-12 learning for the modern age.


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