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Leading in a Frenetic World

Bestselling author Charles Fred presents research showing the impact of stress on organizational performance and how quickly stress can spread when enabled with technology. This book introduces the discipline of pause as a required leadership competency.

“Pause is not a delay but a discipline. It’s not a waste of time; rather, it affords us the time to deliberate before we act. It allows us to control how we respond and react to others, whether it takes five seconds or 24 hours. Most importantly, it does not delay our ambitions or dampen the need to hustle.”

Designed to take 35 minutes of your time, this book explains why you should make the decision to pause, which can have a profound effect on your life and how you lead.

Charles Fred


Charles Fred is a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur. He has devoted nearly four decades of his life to discovering new ways for professionals to acquire the skills necessary to compete in industries undergoing major transformation. Considered a pioneer in the e-learning industry, he has founded and led several successful companies that provide learning technologies and services. His bestselling book, Breakaway, is credited with introducing a new framework for organizational learning.

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The 24-Hour Rule: The Ultimate Leadership Checklist

What can business leaders learn from the healthcare industry and commercial aviation? The 24-Hour Rule, a new book by bestselling author Charles Fred, reveals the answer that may surprise many.


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