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Achieving Personalized Learning Through Digital Convergence

Technological advancements are disrupting the traditional structures, processes, and systems that our nation’s school systems were founded on. While disruptive, technology represents an inevitable and valuable force that can unlock personalized learning experiences and better student outcomes. There’s no denying that technology can significantly impact the quality of a child’s education.

In The New Agenda, Dr. Shawn K. Smith–a former Chief of Schools and educator who now consults school systems across the country-discusses the work of Digital Convergence, a fundamental movement to transform teaching, classrooms and K-12 learning for the modern age. Superintendents and educational leaders who are seeking innovative solutions within their districts will find the book a refreshing, straightforward read, with strategies on how to develop short-and-long-term professional learning plans for employees, students and administrators.

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Dr. Shawn K. Smith


Dr. Shawn K. Smith is a national leader on issues surrounding digital education and pedagogy and is currently serving as President of Modern Teacher. He is compelled to preserve education’s rich heritage and support America’s teachers and leaders as they transition traditional classrooms into modern learning environments.

Dr. Smith confirms what many of us have thought, but few have been so succinctly able to articulate: Our education system remains the last frontier in technology adoption—precisely because of the mental models, status quo, and complex dynamics that inhabit it. What Dr. Smith offers is a systematic process for shifting from the analog world to the digital one and therefore ensuring teachers and students capitalize on the promise of technology offered decades ago. Our students’ future success relies on this shift occurring.

-Dr. Peter Gorman, President and CEO, Peter Gorman Leadership Associates Former Superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Broad Prize Winner National Council on Digital Convergence

This point of view in action


The Shape of Change: New Release from Education Futurist Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Last week marked the new release of Dr. Shawn K. Smith’s latest book, The Shape of Change: The Continued Journey of the Digital Convergence Framework, the second in a three-part series exploring the intersection between educational technology, personalized learning, and blended learning.

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Wisdom and Influence explores the enduring quest toward twenty-first-century education, calling on leaders to navigate the often-murky waters of power and influence in the Digital Convergence Framework, while offering readers guidance on how to accomplish this feat.


In The Shape of Change, Dr. Smith identifies the common journeys school districts take as they personalize learning in K-12 education. Using these common patterns, district leaders can overcome challenges and better understand effective solutions.


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