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For much of this decade, electronic health records (EHRs) have dominated the conversation around developing healthcare information systems that will lead to better care, higher satisfaction, and lower costs. Yet today, that dialogue is shifting away from information systems designed to support clinicians to innovations focused on empowering consumers. This trend comes as a response to the apparent inability for the current health care system to treat a growing epidemic: chronic conditions. Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression require access to care and support that transcends the boundaries of time and location, which the current health care system simply cannot provide. Unlike acute conditions such as a broken arm or sinus infection, chronic conditions never leave the person affected by them. A person with diabetes may need support in the middle of the night, or when at work or home. Type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes, is a genetic condition one lives with for the rest of their life. Ensuring they get the care they need often does not happen without incredible expense and pain in today’s system of care. For instance, people with chronic conditions may end up in the emergency room (ER) if they cannot manage their condition.

In Glen Tullman’s new book, On Our Terms: Empowering the New Health Consumer, he explores a new system of health and health care that equips people with healthcare information systems that provide them the same informed, connected experiences they expect in most other avenues of life. These information systems combine data science, cloud technology, and smart connected devices to provide consumers with real-time care, teach them about the ever-evolving state of one’s health (Tullman calls it “the body’s vital narrative”), and connect them with communities of others who can share information and data that drives personalized health care across populations.

It represents a significant transformation of our current health care system, but one that is readily underway. We are seeing progress as entrepreneurial companies continue to invest more time and resources into developing solutions that bring health care to wherever people need it in their everyday lives. We can rest assured that the health care system of the future will look very different from what we expect today, including the healthcare information systems that empower a new generation of healthier and happier individuals.

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