We by Dr. Eric George


Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World

A new definition of “we” is emerging. No longer does it refer to friends, family, and those who share our point of view, but to our connections with the people we have yet to meet. While “we” in the traditional sense creates more division than unity, Eric R. George is proving the limitless potential of the new “we” to create a fulfilling life. 

How would our lives change by treating others as extensions of ourselves? By shifting our attention outward versus inward? By seeing every interaction as a chance to do and be more? These questions speak to the core of George’s book, We: Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World. 

George shares the lessons and experiences that has led to his remarkable journey. From his work as a hand surgeon treating patients from every background imaginable to his career as an entrepreneur, his impact as a philanthropist to his commitment as a devoted husband and father, We provides a poignant commentary on the power of human connection. Filled with entertaining and profound stories from his life, We speaks to all readers regardless of age, interest, or background and provides lessons everyone can apply to discover a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.  

On Our Terms by Glen Tullman

Empowering The New Health Consumer

Healthcare is taking on a new definition. It no longer means physicians or hospitals, but whatever people need to stay healthy in this moment. This includes better information, support, connection to a caring community, and preventing expensive healthcare services. Healthcare continues to evolve under the needs and demands of an emerging and powerful player in the equation: the Intelligent Connected Health Consumer. The Intelligent Connected Health Consumer behaves far differently from a traditional “patient.” Borne of out a new financial responsibility for healthcare created by government regulations, they no longer tolerate a passive role or poor experience, and seek value and self-service for their dollars. They demand more and better information, transparency, higher quality experience, and affordability.


Wisdom and Influence by Dr. Shawn K. Smith

WI_Book_MockupNS - Copy

Mastering the Digital Convergence Framework

The US public education system finds itself at a crossroads. Two decades after classrooms became connected online, the traditional education model can no longer deliver the American dream. Only by establishing modern learning environments can school districts serve their most important purpose: equipping graduates with the skills needed to compete in the twenty-first century. For district leaders, this critical transition means overcoming a status quo a hundred years in the making.

The 24-Hour Rule by Charles Fred

Leading in a Frenetic World

Bestselling author Charles Fred presents research showing the impact of stress on organizational performance and how quickly stress can spread when enabled with technology. This book introduces the discipline of pause as a required leadership competency.

“Pause is not a delay but a discipline. It’s not a waste of time; rather, it affords us the time to deliberate before we act. It allows us to control how we respond and react to others, whether it takes five seconds or 24 hours. Most importantly, it does not delay our ambitions or dampen the need to hustle.”

Designed to take 35 minutes of your time, this book explains why you should make the decision to pause, which can have a profound effect on your life and how you lead.


Beyond Implementation by Dr. Heather A. Haugen

beyond implementation is a national bestseller

A Prescription for The Adoption of Healthcare Technology

Healthcare providers widely accept the need for electronic health records (EHRs), which demonstrate significant benefits to clinicians and consumers, including improved patient care and participation, cost savings, and overall practice efficiency. Despite the promise of EHRs, healthcare providers continue to face challenges optimizing their use. Resistance to change, low end-user proficiency, and poor training are among the many common problems organizations experience, especially as they seek to replace existing technology with more robust, integrated enterprise applications. So, how do healthcare providers overcome these challenges?

In the second edition of Beyond Implementation, Dr. Heather Haugen and Charles Fred investigate the barriers that keep providers from making EHRs part of their routines, and why organizations continue to struggle with successful technology adoption. Through case studies and research, the authors explore real-world results from large healthcare organizations, and reveal a new approach for successful EHR adoption that has lasting value.

More works from MSKOR


In The Shape of Change, Dr. Smith identifies the common journeys school districts take as they personalize learning in K-12 education. Using these common patterns, district leaders can overcome challenges and better understand effective solutions.


The Cognitive Growth Targets Questioning Flipbook serves as an instructional tool for K-12 educators seeking to personalize learning in the modern classroom. Through a combination of exercises, the flipbook facilitates rigorous teaching and learning that helps students gain the most value from their time in the classroom.


In The New Agenda, Dr. Shawn K. Smith–a former Chief of Schools and educator who now consults school systems across the country¬–discusses the work of Digital Convergence, a fundamental movement to transform teaching, classrooms and K-12 learning for the modern age.


Teacher as Architect explores the most pressing needs in today's classrooms, and offers educators the tools and skills they need to succeed in the current digital learning environment.